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Just The Funny features some of the best improv actors in Miami and all of South Florida




David Christopher DAVID CHRISTOPHER, original founding member, co-owner and VP of Education, Corporate and Private Events, at Just The Funny, is known for his obscure 70's and 80's pop culture references.  He is a graduate of both New York University, earning a B.F.A. in film and television, and Florida International University, where he earned his M.B.A.  He has produced several hit TV shows including Universal's hit dating show "Blind Date."  Some of his acting credits include "Bye Bye Birdie," "Hamlet" and "The Adventures of Louie the Lizard."  David is also the co-creator of The South Florida Improv Jam, and is the executive producer of The Miami Improv Festival


Carlos Rivera

CARLOS RIVERA is a South Florida native that joined Just The Funny shortly back when it was first founded while attending Florida International University.  In addition to performing improv, Carlos has also performed in several local plays including "Don’t Dress for Dinner", "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)", and a British Panto retelling of "Cinderella".  When he's not making "the funny", Carlos can be found working in the exciting field of property management accounting! Carlos also serves as the Co-Managing Director of JTF. Known for his dry, yet wittyhumor, Carlos can be seen performing a "superb" rendition of Michael Sembello's "Maniac" on Karaoke stages throughout the county. SanDimasHighSchoolFootball RULES!!!

Facebook @CarlosRvra - Twitter @SexualChoclate - E-mail Carlos on his smartphone at carlos@justthefunny.com
TEAM AFFILIATION: JTF Mainstage Cast (Miami), Warriors of Dumb (Touring Team), Yacht Rock: The 1% Fight Back! (DCM in NYC)

Tom Neile TOM NEILE Doctor, Feminist, Creator of Mediums, Harry Potter Lover, Food Court Nightwatchman. I drop my phone on my face when texting laying down.


Matt Mielke MATTHEW MIELKE grew up in Miami, many an evening enjoying the exploits of Mental Floss, Miami's infamous uproarious improv troupe of the 80s and 90s. Matthew tested the cold heartless waters of improv with University of Florida's Theatre Strike Force (TSF) from 1997 to 1999, performing in the TSF Mainstage and Uncensored shows. Matthew spent the years 2000 to 2008 doing things professionally that should not be mentioned. In 2010, he rediscovered his love of improv by paying Just The Funny (JTF) exactly $1,050 to take five superb improv acting classes and one sketch writing class. Matthew has never been in a real play and has no ambition to. Serious theater is entirely silly. Matthew is currently a member of JTF's Mainstage Cast and the world-renowned sketch/improv troupe Special in a Bad Way."

FB @matthew.m.mielke
TEAM AFFILIATION: JTF Mainstage Cast (Miami), Warriors of Dumb (DCM in NYC), Yacht Rock: The 1% Fight Back! (DCM in NYC)

Manny Carballea  MANNY CATALINO is a native of South Florida, and grew up in Little Havana prior to becoming an official resident of the illustrious and world renown Westchester area. After graduating from the University of Miami with a degree in engineering, he realized science was not so funny. Some of his acting credits include "The Sandbox," "Los Eslcavos del Consumo," "A Postcard from Paris," and more recently "Fuenteovejuna" co-produced by the Hispanic Theater Guild and Belen Jesuit Prep. School. You may also see him in a few local public service announcements for Miami-Dade TV or perhaps at Versailles munching on a croqueta preparada at 2am on the weekends. 


Johnny Cabrera JOHNNY CABRERA has been performing improvisation since age of 13 with his high school improv troupe Wacky Wednesday and has been a member of Just The Funny since March 2009. Besides performing, he is one of the instructors at JTF and can be found writing, filming and directing various sketches and shows. He is also the host of The Improvised Talk Show Show.  


Maria Tomaino MARIA TOMAINO is a New Yorker that's not from the city, an Italian that's not from Italy and an Educator thatís not a teacher. She has embraced the lavish Miami lifestyle with her fully loaded Hyundai sedan, complete with AM/FM radio. Donít reference any movies around her because she hasnít seen a lot of the classics, but can rattle off a Seinfeld episode like thereís no tomorrow. On nights when Maria isnít performing, you can hear her loud, distinctive and even bird-like mating call laugh from the audience.

FB @maria.lauren8 - Twitter @mtomain
TEAM AFFILIATION: JTF Mainstage Cast (Miami), Warriors of Dumb (Touring Team), Yacht Rock: The 1% Fight Back! (DCM in NYC)

Faye Ibars LUIS MADERA Producer, Mastermind, Happiness Seeker, Gender Activist, Dishwater. I can only make two faces, you have to guess which two.

Michael Schiavinato MICHAEL SCHIAVINATO Disrupter, Comedian, Lover of Life, Like Neo from 'The Matrix', but worse.. I get mini heart attacks when my wallet isn't in my pocket.

FB @schiavinato
TEAM AFFILIATION: JTF Mainstage Cast (Miami), Warriors of Dumb (Various Cities), Yacht Rock: The 1% Fight Back! (DCM in NYC) AKA Mike Nato

David Del Rosario DAVID DEL ROSARIO has been performing sketch, improv and stand up for over 10 years and joined Just The Funny in 2010. Since then he's been a member of the Just The Funny Main Stage cast and house team Special In a Bad Way. I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today. 


Alex Suarez-Mondshein ALEX SUAREZ-MONDSHEIN is a South Florida native who began improvising in 2008. Since then she has trained with Second City Chicago, the University of Miami, Impromedy Miami, and the Just the Funny theater. Alex is also the founder and CEO of Words to Live By (www.wordstolivebybooks.com). Her hobbies include gourmet baking, riding her new blue bicycle, listening to the hip hop, and Zumba!ô

FB @alexsm87
TEAM AFFILIATION: JTF Mainstage Cast (Miami), Warriors of Dumb (Various Cities), Yacht Rock: The 1% Fight Back! (DCM in NYC)

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